Stunning Marilyn Monroe Photos Unveiled For The First Time


Over 50 years since her death, Marilyn Monroe is still as much an American icon as she was in the 1950s and 60s.  Arguably the world’s most famous pin-up girl, Monroe’s status as a sex symbol is unprecedented.

Last week at the Sumo Gallery in TriBeCa, a dazzling collection of rare Marilyn Monroe photographs were unveiled to the public for the very first time.  Taken between 1952 and 1956, the photos capture the blonde bombshell basking in the spotlight during the golden years of her short but storied acting career. Read more >>

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Surreal Photos of a Volcanic Eruption

There are times when nature leaves you wonderstruck – Enter photographer Francisco Negroni’s unbelievable photos of a volcanic eruption in Chile. Colossal clouds of ash, fluorescent sparks of lava, hypnotizing constellations of volcanic lightning – Sometimes descriptions are such babble…Just enjoy these jaw-dropping images.



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The Ultimate NYC Souvenir


The souvenir is an important component of the tourist experience, with most tourists bringing back mementos and sentimental gifts as evidence of a trip completed. London-based designer Chris Godfrey — like many travelers — wanted to buy friends and family keepsakes from his two-month-long trip to New York City. He was challenged with everyday mass-produced trinkets, each lacking individuality or exclusivity. Accordingly, Godfrey designed his own. Read more >>

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Enter Duggal’s Black And White Photography Contest

In a world of color and technology, a black and white photograph still has its place. It is a symbol of confidence, and a nod to history. 

Capture a timeless black and white photo and enter Duggal’s Black and White Photography Contest. Click here to learn more and enter, and make sure to rally your family and friends for votes!
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DIMA Emerging Artist Awards: Jeremy Underwood – Best Overall Series


Presented by Duggal Visual Solutions founder Baldev Duggal at the PDN Photo Annual, the 2014 Duggal Image Maker Award recognizes three outstanding individuals whose work resonates with the photo community visually, emotionally and intellectually.

Jeremy Underwood received the award for Best Overall Series. Check out his winning images below, along with a brief interview. Congratulations, Jeremy!

D: Describe your creative process

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Duggal’s Inaugural ‘Creative Cut Annual’ – Order Your FREE Copy Today


Duggal Visual Solutions is excited to announce the release of our inaugural Creative Cut Annual publication. Creative Cut is your new resource for inspiration in design, art and visual communication. The book provides beautiful photos while outlining our partnership in the creative works of top creatives and brands worldwide.

Featured clients include Nike, Starbucks, Dior, AOL, UNIQLO, MLB and more.

If you enjoy our monthly newsletter, you will love Creative Cut Annual. Email with your name, company name and mailing address for your FREE copy. See more >>

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‘Empty New York’ Captures The City That Occasionally Sleeps


The origin of the nickname “The City That Never Sleeps” dates back to 1912, the year Titanic made her first and final voyage.   Over 100 years have passed since the popular moniker was bestowed upon New York, and the label is just as accurate today as it was back then.

However, even the most seasoned insomniac needs shut-eye from time to time.  A series of photographs has re-surfaced, showing a beautifully empty and eerie New York City early on Sunday mornings in 1964. (more…)

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Flora Borsi Creates ‘Coffee Universe’


In a recent survey, 54% of Americans over the age of 18 admitted to having at least one cup of coffee daily.   That equates to over 100,000,000 people who rely on the caffeinated elixir to get them through the work week.   While photography and coffee normally aren’t associated with one another, even the mildest coffee drinker will get a kick out of Flora Borsi’s ‘Coffee Universe.’

The accomplished artist and coffee aficionado paid homage to the morning pick-me-up by replacing the sky in a collection of photographs with coffee swirls, creating a caffeine addict’s dream world. Read more >>

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Makeup Masterpieces by Red Hong Yi

slide_352375_3815971_freeMakeup is about more than just a lick of mascara and a smudge of lipstick. ‘Red’ Hong Yi knows this all too well. Her series, Make-Up Meets Chinese Art, uses a slightly different type of canvas than these products are intended for.


The Malaysian artist uses foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, nail polish and more to create artistic masterpieces that mirror traditional Chinese art. In each art piece, Yi applies a specific product to her canvas and then incorporates the applicator into the picture, like sketching a crane with mascara and using the fiber wands as reeds. Her series includes 15 illustrations, one created for each day for all 15 days of the 2014 Chinese New Year celebrations. Read more >>

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Capturing ‘Mermaid 105’


To capture a mermaid is to attain the unattainable.

For visual artist Michael Dweck, it was similar to fishing.

Now on display at New York’s legendary Staley-Wise Gallery in SoHo is the queen of mermaids, a 16-foot by 9-foot aqueous piece, titled Mermaid 105, embodying the allure and mystery of nature’s most beautiful mythical creature. Derived from Dweck’s 2009 collection, Mermaids, the image is the centerpiece of Staley-Wise’s Underwater exhibition. In fact, it is the largest piece the gallery has ever featured.

What makes Mermaid 105 so unique, though, is the irony and symbolism behind it. Dweck explains:

“The dry, mountable image of an aquatic form is the ironic remainder of two dreams: a man’s dream that’s dissolved into the inky sea, and the dream of his muse that’s been dragged to shore, dried and prepped for mounting.”  Read more >>

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