The Great Wall of Jell-O


First thoughts that come to mind about bricks-and-mortar are usually durability, security and solidity, but Brooklyn-based artists Lisa Hein and Robert Seng have altered this thought. During the duo’s three-week wall installation, the concrete elements normally used to create brick blocks were replaced with a well-known household snack – Jello-O.


Entitled Bruise, the Jell-O bricks are mixed, cooked and laid on site. Much like concrete, Jell-O starts as powder, makes its way into liquid form, and then solidifies into any molded shape. These flubbery colorful morsels make for a mouthwatering stained-glass-like installation; however, overtime, the gelatinous molds start to melt and decay, and all that’s left is a mortar frame. Read more >>

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DIMA Emerging Artist Awards: Meet The Winners


Presented by Duggal Visual Solutions founder Baldev Duggal at the PDN Photo Annual, the 2014 Duggal Image Maker Award recognizes three outstanding individuals whose work resonates with the photo community visually, emotionally and intellectually.

Meet the winners:

Jeremy Underwood – Best Overall Series

Andrew Lyman – Most Original Image

Antony Sojka – Most Inspiring Image

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Never Miss A Trick: French Connection Taps British Magician Troy For Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign


Voila! Out of thin air comes French Connection’s new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, starring British TV magician Troy Von Scheibner and model Camilla Christensen. FCUK’s commitment to “design-led products presented in a unique and innovative way” glows in the retailer’s latest campaign and in-store design, captivating their global audience with the art of magic. Read more >>

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Artist in Hotel Murals | Park Hotel Tokyo

­Skip the museums and spend the night at Park Hotel Tokyo for an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy art from the comfort of your hotel room. Art isn’t just commonly hung on the walls in this establishment; it’s hand-painted floor to ceiling. For the past two years the hotel has been sponsoring their Artist In Hotel project, an initiative that invites artists to stay the night in one of their rooms and transform it into their own one-of-a-kind suite.

park-hotel-tokyo-artist-hand-painted-rooms-designboom-03Festival: Nanami Ishihara, depicts the energetic and vibrant cultural festivities she has experienced throughout her personal life. Ishihara’s “matsuri” (or festival) inspired room took over one-month to create. This parade of color makes a rare period of fleeting happiness and optimism everlasting. Read more >>

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Comic-Con San Diego: Batman Steals the Show


Comic-Con International: San Diego is the premier destination for comic fanatics, pop culture buffs and gamers from all corners of the globe. Entertainment producers, actors, writers and creatives know it is also an unmatched platform for engaging with their most passionate fans.

Celebrating 75 years of superheroism and building anticipation for the 2015 release of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, Batman undoubtedly stole the show at Comic-Con 2014 with the hot-ticket Cape/Cowl/Create party, hosted by VICE, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment. VICE invited hip artists like Mister Cartoon and Conrad Leach to reimagine Batman’s iconic costume, displaying their designs on rotating platforms at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. Read more >>

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DIMA Emerging Artist Awards: Antony Sojka – Most Inspiring Image


Presented by Duggal Visual Solutions founder Baldev Duggal at the PDN Photo Annual, the 2014 Duggal Image Maker Award recognizes three outstanding individuals whose work resonates with the photo community visually, emotionally and intellectually.

Antony Sojka received the award for Most Inspiring Image. Check out his winning image below, followed by a brief interview. Congratulations, Antony!


D: Describe your creative process

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‘Monsters’: Ghostly Photos of Moving Crowds


When you’re scrambling to catch the train during rush hour, have you ever felt like you’re part of an anonymous, faceless throng, stripped of all individuality?

If the answer to the above question is yes, you will enjoy German photographer Frank Machalowski’s ‘Monsters,’ a series of long exposure photographs of moving crowds.

The project started in 2012 when Machalowski set up his camera and tripod at some of Europe’s busiest transportation hubs. Using a long duration shutter speed, Machalowski blurred moving people in his shots. (more…)

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(VIDEO) See UNIQLO’s ‘Back to School’ Installation at NYC 34th St. Flagship

It’s that time of year! Fashion retail is “back to school,” and UNIQLO’s 34th St. NYC flagship store is, as always, visionary in engaging shoppers of all ages. The store’s latest centerpiece installation redefines the rules of fashion display and store design.

WATCH as Duggal craftsmen and digital experts assemble UNIQLO’s vision for showcasing the hippest new fall styles.

Led by production consultant Giselle Behrens and coordinator Jeff Harris, the Duggal multimedia team created and programmed two 9-foot-tall, double-sided LED video towers along with neon light frames. The digital elements are complemented by precision-cut vinyl graphics for the exterior glass, and Duggal craftsmen also built custom wood display platforms and wrapped them in an aluminum metal laminant.

Check out some of our past work with UNIQLO at the links below: See more >>

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Pelotonia 2014: Duggal Rides with Limited Brands to End Cancer


Duggal is thrilled for a second year to saddle-up and ride with the Limited Brands and Bath & Body Works cycling team supporting Pelotonia, the Ohio-based charity committed to ending cancer. In 5 years, Pelotonia has attracted tens of thousands of riders and raised more than $73 million, with every dollar going directly to cancer research.

The model of Pelotonia remains simple: the organization’s operating expenses are covered by funding partners so that 100% of every dollar raised by Pelotonia riders, virtual riders and volunteers goes directly to funding cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

A record 7,200+ fundraising cyclists joined in this year’s ride through scenic Ohio, including Duggal Visual Solutions CEO Mike Duggal, VP of Creative Services Jerid O’Connell and Senior Consultant Marina Stark. Read more >>

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Legend at Mount Fuji Harvested for Japan’s Rice Paddy Landscape


Japan’s village of Inakadate in the Aomori Prefecture is best known for its production of rice. Every summer, artists in the village harvest their paddy fields to grow in intricate designs created with yellow and purple varieties of rice, together with an Aomori variety called Tsugaru Roman, which is a vibrant green. The tradition has been carrying on since 2003.

For the artists’ latest annual reap, the crop art measures 160,000 square feet, depicting the legend of a mythical maiden of Japan’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji. Visitors travel from all over the world to see the earthly art piece, which can be most easily and visibly seen from an observation deck towering over the field. Read more >>

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