Duggal’s Inaugural ‘Creative Cut Annual’ – Order Your FREE Copy Today


Duggal Visual Solutions is excited to announce the release of our inaugural Creative Cut Annual publication. Creative Cut is your new resource for inspiration in design, art and visual communication. The book provides beautiful photos while outlining our partnership in the creative works of top creatives and brands worldwide.

Featured clients include Nike, Starbucks, Dior, AOL, UNIQLO, MLB and more.

If you enjoy our monthly newsletter, you will love Creative Cut Annual. Email connect@duggal.com with your name, company name and mailing address for your FREE copy. See more >>

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Enter Duggal’s Black And White Photography Contest

In a world of color and technology, a black and white photograph still has its place. It is a symbol of confidence, and a nod to history. 

Capture a timeless black and white photo and enter Duggal’s Black and White Photography Contest. Click here to learn more and enter, and make sure to rally your family and friends for votes!
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Capturing ‘Mermaid 105’


To capture a mermaid is to attain the unattainable.

For visual artist Michael Dweck, it was similar to fishing.

Now on display at New York’s legendary Staley-Wise Gallery in SoHo is the queen of mermaids, a 16-foot by 9-foot aqueous piece, titled Mermaid 105, embodying the allure and mystery of nature’s most beautiful mythical creature. Derived from Dweck’s 2009 collection, Mermaids, the image is the centerpiece of Staley-Wise’s Underwater exhibition. In fact, it is the largest piece the gallery has ever featured.

What makes Mermaid 105 so unique, though, is the irony and symbolism behind it. Dweck explains:

“The dry, mountable image of an aquatic form is the ironic remainder of two dreams: a man’s dream that’s dissolved into the inky sea, and the dream of his muse that’s been dragged to shore, dried and prepped for mounting.”  Read more >>

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Under Armour Opens Largest Retail Store, SoHo New York ‘Brand House’


Founded by a former University of Maryland football player who hated ringing out his sweat-soaked cotton T-shirts, Under Armour is fulfilling its mission to “make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” The brand has grown out of a Washington, D.C. basement into a global symbol of superior athletic apparel that keeps athletes cool, dry and light.

Under Armour further demonstrates its commitment to excellence by creating exceptional shopping experiences, most recently opening a nearly 10,000-square-foot New York “Brand House” that showcases the brand’s latest innovations and technologies with interactive in-store design. Read more >>

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Floto + Warner Capture Liquid Sculptures

Purple Field

Purple Field

Even the most spectacular vistas of the West can get lost in a sea of bland repetition. Ever wonder what these monotonic landscapes would look like with a splash of color?

For their ‘Colourant’ series, Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner have chosen the barren landscape of Northern Nevada as their stage to capture vibrant pigmented liquid, free-flowing in midair. The New York-based husband and wife duo perfected the technique of lobbing the fluid and capturing the vivid colors mid-flight. The high shutter speed of about a 3,200th of a second seemingly froze the created shapes, disguising each as if a sculpture, encapsulating “a momentary graffiti of air and space.” Read more >>

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Brooklyn Greenway Initiative’s “New Views 2014″ Celebrated at the Duggal Greenhouse


Brooklyn has become a center for sustainability and urban green technology, proving that “going green” truly does enhance our overall quality of life.

The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, the non-profit organization behind the 14-mile Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, hosted its New Views 2014 event at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As New York’s newest premier venue, the Greenhouse was a natural fit for BGI’s 10-year anniversary and annual summer benefit.

Friends of BGI enjoyed a special reception and food tastings from staple Brooklyn restaurants, along with an open bar and live music – all with unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline and East River bridges. Read more >>

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‘Reflections from Above’ Mirror New York City Streets


The Big Apple is universally known for its towering skyscrapers, breathtaking cityscape and beautiful architecture, making it the #1 photographed city in the world.

In ‘Reflections from Above,’ photographer Donna Dotan captured the streets of New York from a bird’s eye view at the top of many of the city’s glass skyscrapers.

Using the buildings themselves to reflect the images below, the lights and streets of the city are reproduced magnificently, creating mirror images of the bustling metropolis on the other half of the photographs.

Dotan told Mashable that the symmetry created by the reflections makes the photographs more abstract. Read more >>

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Jen Going Interiors’ Bungalow Guest Room at Holiday House Hamptons 2014

(Source: Paul Domzal) via Lonny.com

(Source: Paul Domzal) via Lonny.com

Contrary to popular belief, the Hamptons aren’t exclusively pristine beaches and summer homes of the rich and famous.  There is something for everyone.

For those who appreciate interior style and design, Holiday House Hamptons 2014 in Sag Harbor, NY is a must–see (and an easy day trip from New York City). Read more >>

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6 Secret Places to Photograph in NYC

There is no other city that offers itself up for the camera quite like The Big Apple. In addition to its globally recognized landmarks, hidden gems exist around every corner. This summer, discover some of New York City’s most photogenic sites that will have any seasoned New Yorker falling in love with NYC all over again. Visitors, on the other hand, will have more than words to preserve their unique vacation memories.

Tudor City Overpass (at 42nd Street):

© Steve Kelley

© Steve Kelley

Looking down 42nd street, this uninterrupted view of the active city street catches the most breathtaking sunsets any New Yorker (or non-New Yorker) has ever seen. Capture the movement of the oncoming traffic in light trails as cars move in a continuous and steady manner through the city scene.

Tom Fruin Water Tower:

© Jens Nink

© Jens Nink

Located on the rooftop of 20 Jay Street in Dumbo, this vibrant masterpiece is viewable from nearby parks, streets, and the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. Illuminated by streams of sunlight during the day and programmed to glow at night, this 1,000-piece Plexiglas installation is a must-capture. Read more >>

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The Heart Gallery of America: Finding Forever Homes For Foster Children

PRIDE Heart Gallery NYC 2014

According to Children’s Rights, there are roughly 400,000 children in foster care in the United States on any given day. Too often due to abuse or neglect, a child entering foster care will likely remain in a non-permanent environment for nearly two years.

With a core mission of finding “forever families” for foster care children, the Heart Gallery of America uses the power of photography to inspire families nationwide to consider adoption. Striking portraits by celebrity and award-winning photographers capture a smile on each child’s face, along with a sparkle of infinite possibility in their eyes. Through the network of 120+ Heart Gallery chapters, the photographs are exhibited across the country. Read more >>

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