Come See Us at Photoville Sept. 18-28 in Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Duggal is geared up for another year of Photoville, United Photo Industries’ unique pop-up photography village on the beautiful Brooklyn Waterfront.

Come see us Sept. 18-28 at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park to WIN FREE PRIZES and connect with Duggal experts.

Explore Photoville’s lineup of exhibitions housed in shipping containers, outdoor installations, panels and workshops. Mingle over ice-cold Brooklyn Lagers at the beer garden, and don’t miss the collective’s flagship photo contest/public exhibition, The Fence, which this year expanded from Brooklyn and Boston to Atlanta.

In the spirit of photography, Duggal is a passionate supporter of United Photo Industry’s mission and a proud production sponsor of The Fence.

See you at Photoville! See more >>

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Inverted Portraits of Humans Look Like Space Creatures


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

When self-help author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer crafted that quote, little did he know it would form the inspiration behind a surreal photography project by South African artist Aneia Loubser.

In her Alienated photo series, the Cape Town native captured close-up black and white portraits of middle-aged people – with every wrinkle, frown line, scar and hair follicle detailed to perfection. Then, to throw the viewer completely off, Loubser cropped the images and flipped them upside down, transforming normal human faces into what she describes as beings from outer space. (more…)

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Photographer Max Steven Grossman: A Closer Look at ‘Bookscapes’

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Max Steven Grossman fell in love with photography shortly after finishing a rigorous engineering program at the University of Philadelphia.

From there, the Colombian photographer honed his craft and pursued his passion in New York City, attaining an M.A. from New York University and the International Center of Photography.

Immersed in the world of commercial photography, Grossman began cultivating a creative vision that would grow to become a breakthrough series. In 2006, he started making Bookscapes – composite images from various bookshelves combined to form libraries that don’t otherwise exist.

Bookscapes may seem static at first glance, but behind each composition is an intricate process of digital manipulation and – true to Grossman’s background – engineering. We’re talking hours upon hours of focus, a perfect balance of concentration and creativity. Read more >>

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Barneys New York Celebrates L.A. Stories in Fall Campaign


New York City’s fashion scene is in for a road trip this fall, being visually transported from Manhattan couture to an eclectic West Coast experience presented by Barneys New York. Photographer Bruce Weber captures L.A.’s true spirit and culture in L.A. Stories, a collection of striking portraits showing 76 Angelenos in their personal spaces throughout the city’s distinct neighborhoods. The images uncover the past, present and future of diverse communities little known by outsiders.

“L.A. is really about the people, not just about the movie stars,” says Weber.

Weber’s images are accompanied by the work of filmmaker Melodie McDaniel. McDaniel was commissioned by Barneys NY to create a short film about charitable partner Heart of Los Angeles, celebrating 25 years of giving kids a chance to succeed.

Duggal Production Manager Monica Drew works with the Barneys NY design and production team to bring their campaigns to life in the Madison Ave flagship windows. For L.A. Stories, Drew led Duggal’s wide format team in creating vivid, pastel photographic backdrops of L.A. scenery to complement the campaign’s mission and aura. See more >>

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L’Occitane and the Art of Living


From the heart of Provence, L’Occitane embodies the richness of Southern France and the Mediterranean in premium natural beauty products. Inspired by the region’s plentiful resources and skilled artisans, L’Occitane’s rejuvenating fragrances, body care products and facial formulas preserve and perfect the Provencal “art de vivre” – the art of living.

Duggal provided the same level of craftsmanship in visually conveying the brand’s message and augmenting an already radiant Flagship NYC and Flatiron boutiques. Giselle Behrens and Faith Young collaborated with L’Occitane’s designers to create jumbo display graphics of L’Occitane’s most popular products and sleek handcrafted artisan frames, along with a series of translucent, double-sided prints to engage in-store shoppers while also luring passersby from outside.

See more >>

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America’s Got Talent: Magicians David and Leeman Pull Off ‘The Ultimate Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket’


Through Season 9 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, magicians David and Leeman have bedazzled judges Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, Melanie Brown and Heidi Klum.

As the top 12 acts performed on Sept. 9 for 9.7 million viewers across the country, the comedic duo engaged the judges and audience alike with “The Ultimate Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket.”

Each judge chose a balloon and yelled out a number as the guys popped the balloons and marked the numbers on a larger-than-life lottery ticket. Inexplicably pulling a normal-sized lottery ticket out of the last remaining balloon, the magicians then asked Howard Stern to read off the numbers on it. After a little twist on the last number, the stars aligned and magic was made…How did they do that?? Read more >>

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Enter Duggal’s Action Photography Contest


Skiing the Swiss Alps, surfing the perfect barrel in California, skydiving over New York City, or just cruising with old friends back in your hometown – we’re all thrill seekers in one way or another.

Capture an action-packed moment and enter Duggal’s action photography contest. Click here to learn more and enter. Don’t forget to rally your friends for votes!

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Artist Photographs The End Of The World


The end of the world has been a popular theme and inspiration for artists throughout recorded history. From renaissance painters recreating apocalyptic Bible scenes to big budget Hollywood films orchestrating the destruction of major cities, human nature’s fascination with worldwide cataclysm will never go out of style.

Photographer Christopher Russell added to the millennia-old array of devastation art in his most recent project, “Dissonance, Coincidence and Errant Gradations of Light.” While most contemporary artists are content using computer renderings to illustrate decimation, The Portland, Oregon-based photographer took an abstract and very unique approach to Armageddon. (more…)

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‘Inedible’: Mouthwatering Food You Can’t Eat


Your friend’s juicy steak arrives at the dinner table, still sizzling from the grill. Instead of reaching for his knife and fork, he takes out his smart phone for a round of sirloin selfies, determined to make his Instagram followers envy what he ate that evening.

Sound familiar? Generation Y has given new meaning to “you are what you eat,” never missing an opportunity to show the world on social media what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food selfies, as they’ve been monikered, are here to stay, but even the most hardcore foodographers will be wary of snapshotting their snapper after viewing T.Q. Lee’s ‘Inedible’ photo series. (more…)

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Starbucks: Brand Messaging Through Architecture & Design


In each of its 21,000+ stores around the world, Starbucks creates a warm local atmosphere that both shares and expands upon its commitment to the environment and global community.

Ethical trade practices and environmental stewardship are pillars of the Starbucks way, and these values are communicated visually through architecture and interior design. Starbucks has stepped away from the cookie cutter system that plagues so many large franchises, instead offering a visual atmosphere and ambiance unique to every store and local culture, custom-designed with unconventional materials and environmental consciousness. Read more >>

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