‘Monsters’: Ghostly Photos of Moving Crowds


When you’re scrambling to catch the train during rush hour, have you ever felt like you’re part of an anonymous, faceless throng, stripped of all individuality?

If the answer to the above question is yes, you will enjoy German photographer Frank Machalowski’s ‘Monsters,’ a series of long exposure photographs of moving crowds.

The project started in 2012 when Machalowski set up his camera and tripod at some of Europe’s busiest transportation hubs. Using a long duration shutter speed, Machalowski blurred moving people in his shots. (more…)

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(VIDEO) See UNIQLO’s ‘Back to School’ Installation at NYC 34th St. Flagship

It’s that time of year! Fashion retail is “back to school,” and UNIQLO’s 34th St. NYC flagship store is, as always, visionary in engaging shoppers of all ages. The store’s latest centerpiece installation redefines the rules of fashion display and store design.

WATCH as Duggal craftsmen and digital experts assemble UNIQLO’s vision for showcasing the hippest new fall styles.

Led by production consultant Giselle Behrens and coordinator Jeff Harris, the Duggal multimedia team created and programmed two 9-foot-tall, double-sided LED video towers along with neon light frames. The digital elements are complemented by precision-cut vinyl graphics for the exterior glass, and Duggal craftsmen also built custom wood display platforms and wrapped them in an aluminum metal laminant.

Check out some of our past work with UNIQLO at the links below: See more >>

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Pelotonia 2014: Duggal Rides with Limited Brands to End Cancer


Duggal is thrilled for a second year to saddle-up and ride with the Limited Brands and Bath & Body Works cycling team supporting Pelotonia, the Ohio-based charity committed to ending cancer. In 5 years, Pelotonia has attracted tens of thousands of riders and raised more than $73 million, with every dollar going directly to cancer research.

The model of Pelotonia remains simple: the organization’s operating expenses are covered by funding partners so that 100% of every dollar raised by Pelotonia riders, virtual riders and volunteers goes directly to funding cancer research at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

A record 7,200+ fundraising cyclists joined in this year’s ride through scenic Ohio, including Duggal Visual Solutions CEO Mike Duggal, VP of Creative Services Jerid O’Connell and Senior Consultant Marina Stark. Read more >>

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Legend at Mount Fuji Harvested for Japan’s Rice Paddy Landscape


Japan’s village of Inakadate in the Aomori Prefecture is best known for its production of rice. Every summer, artists in the village harvest their paddy fields to grow in intricate designs created with yellow and purple varieties of rice, together with an Aomori variety called Tsugaru Roman, which is a vibrant green. The tradition has been carrying on since 2003.

For the artists’ latest annual reap, the crop art measures 160,000 square feet, depicting the legend of a mythical maiden of Japan’s most famous mountain, Mount Fuji. Visitors travel from all over the world to see the earthly art piece, which can be most easily and visibly seen from an observation deck towering over the field. Read more >>

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Fairway Market Debuts Bright New Look


Loyal customers and curious passersby alike flocked to Lake Grove, NY for the grand opening of Fairway Market’s newest location.  A New York treasure for three generations, Fairway has long been considered the grocery store for super-fresh local produce, top quality meats and seafood, organic snacks and specialty imports.

With the new 50,000-square-foot store comes “a beautiful, clean new look.” Fairway store designers, with the help of TPG Architecture and Duggal Visual Solutions, elevated the already fantastic Fairway experience with eye-catching signage, fixtures and graphics. The Lake Grove store features crisp, clean visuals with updated designs and fonts to help shoppers navigate the aisles. Read more >>

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‘Tunnel Vision’ Public Art Installation Unites Community With Powerful Motion Graphics

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.25.49 PM

In what was merely a Main Street parking access tunnel, the town of Westport, Conn. saw an opportunity to bring a community together through contemporary art.

Town leaders called on lifelong resident Miggs Burroughs, whose homespun charm juxtaposes his notoriety as a graphic artist, to transform the otherwise drab pedestrian passageway into an emotionally engaging public gallery.

His creation, “Tunnel Vision” shares the personal stories of 32 Westport residents, employing the eye-tricking impact of high-resolution lenticular graphics for images that essentially move with the viewer. Every framed print is a complex blend of progressive images mounted on special Plexiglass with light bending micro-channels. The end result is a 3D moving visual narrative that manifests itself as the viewer proceeds along the passageway.

While all 16 images share the commonality of interlocking hands, perhaps the most moving piece is Tattoos. Holocaust survivor Anita Ron Schorr and an 8-year-old resident named Scarlett both long for a world without hatred or discrimination. In the transition of frames, Scarlett’s hands release from Anita’s arm to reveal a numbered tattoo, evoking a heart-wrenching understanding for her wish. Read more >>

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The Stakes Are Raised In Duggal’s Black And White Photography Contest

In a world of color and technology, a black and white photograph still has its place. It is a symbol of confidence, and a nod to history. 

Capture a timeless black and white photo and enter Duggal’s Black and White Photography Contest, sponsored by Kodak Alaris. Click here to learn more and enter, and make sure to rally your family and friends for votes!
THIS JUST IN: The stakes have been raised thanks to our friends at Kodak Alaris. The Grand Prize Winner will now receive 75 rolls of Kodak Professional black and white film in addition to the original prize package, and the Runner-Up will receive 25 rolls.
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Time Capsule: NYC’s Chinatown In The Early 1980s

Mr. Soo, East Broadway, 1982

As a young photographer in 1981, Bud Glick was tasked by the New York Chinatown History project, now the Museum of Chinese in America, to photograph residents in New York’s Chinatown, a part of the city that was in the midst of transition and upheaval. (more…)

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Skate Paint | Matt Reilly Skateboard Paints Through Mana Contemporary


Brooklyn-based artist Matt Reilly has left his mark within the gallery walls of Mana Contemporary. By adding several shades of liquid chroma to the wheels of his skateboard with saturated sponges and then attaching them to the bottom of his board, Reilly created streaked one-off masterpieces with a half-pipe as his canvas.

Maneuvering back and forth over a plain white sheet attached to the surface of a mini ramp, Reilly coated the ramp one layer at a time. Abstract hues of blue, red, green, and purple were formed during his routine, each track varying in thickness and pattern. Following each live performance, every canvas was detached and a new one fixed in its place. Read more >>

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Otherworldly Infrared Photographs Of Famous Landmarks


We’ve all seen countless images of the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building and Mount Rushmore in our lifetimes, and while these cherished landmarks emanate beauty in any photograph, the old adage, ‘seen one, seen ‘em all’ is very fitting.

Enter Los Angeles-based infrared photographer Kaitlin Kelly, who’s made it her mission to photograph the world’s most recognizable places using an infrared camera.  Her portfolio to date, which includes photos of Yellowstone National Park, the London Eye and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, is both beautiful and otherworldly.  (more…)

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